Currently in Ibiza… I’m moving to Australia in a month and will be starting a new blog. Will be using the #strippersonly tag so you will be able to find me if you look hard enough ;)


I really appreciate non creepy customers that can give a decent back massage. I’m a sucker for them. And I just realized I used my leg garter as a pony tail holder. Lol work was crazy last night. We are one big dysfunctional family. Lolol


Fuck Bitches, Get Money: extra-deluxe: The thing that makes being friends with fellow sex...


The thing that makes being friends with fellow sex workers better than say, being friends with girls who work in admin is that we’re not required to have a filter.

I wonder how I would go transitioning back to office work. I don’t think i’d ever be able to quit sex work. I’d…

I sometimes forget to swtich on my filter around certain groups and they just think I’m nuts :)

Strippr: A letter to myself, on my first night of dancing.


Dear Newly-Christened, Babydancer Piper,

Now that you’ve set your tiny backpack down in the dressing room, you’re about to start stripping. Life’s about to change. You shaved your butt! You watched your friend shave her pussy in her studio apartment before work! All around you, there are women…


Can someone please make a movie accurately representing sex workers? Instead of making us all out to be poor, bad childhood, no-father having, drug addicted whores looking for someone to save us.


Hey you lot… Not posted in a while I ave been travelling about but I’ve decided I am going to Australia in September to work for a while and save money so I can do a snowboarding season without working in a resort :)

Can anyone give me some advice on clubs to work at, areas to live in… anyone fancy meeting for a drink when I get there? I don’t know anyone and this is going to be an ADVENTURE… I was looking into it the other day and told myself if I got a vip that night then I would definitely get flights this weekend, well I got FIVE HOURS IN THE BLOODY VIP so that was it.. definitely going to Melbs or Cairns this autumn!!

Anyone that helps me out would obviously get the same treatment in London off me.. stripper foreign exchange haha xxx


black and white blog.

emo but true

Lack of blogging

Sorry for being so quiet… I’ve been on an adventure.. I went to bulgaria snowboarding then austria.. back now though.. miss me? xxx

laginawavestbaby asked:
ahh i love you blog weird ive never met anyone else with the name Ivy ! bt i love the fact that your a stripper its so empowering to me id very much like to try it one day if you had any advicee...

Thanks babe! There’s loads of advice and reblogged tips etc on my stripper page or search strippers only tag xxx

People like to say “You shouldn’t get visible tattoos because you’ll regret it on your wedding day when you can’t wear the dress you want without looking disgusting.” 

Those people can stfu.



i’d love to get this done :3

I want this

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